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Benutzerspezifische Werkzeuge



In his article Steve McConnell asks: "Who cares about Software Construction?"

The configuration and design of a software development environment is vital to efficient software development and it is an essential part to guarantee high quality standards of the software itself. This does not only include the use of appropriate methodologies and concepts, but also the selection of the right tools and a high degree of build automation. 

... and an efficient software construction environment is an absolute must for agile software development

What is "Software Construction"?

"The general name for detailed design, coding, unit testing, and related activities - the collection of activities focused on creating source code."
IEEE Std 610.12-1990

In this course the students learn how to

  • design an efficient software construction processes
  • write clean code
  • write robust and bug-free code
  • test and refactor software
  • organize and manage software development within a team


Enjoy coding!

Your "Software Construction" team