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Startseite / Organisation
Startseite / Organisation

Organization Sprint Term 2021

When, where, who Please note the changing locations (online vs class room) in the schedule.

Class 3iCeng 3iCbb
Time Monday 08:15 - 11:00 Monday 12:15 - 15:00
Room Online: MS Teams
On-Site: 5.2B53
Online: MS Teams
On-Site: 6.1D55
Lecturer Martin Kropp Christoph Denzler
Phone:+41 56 202 78 18 Phone:+41 56 202 78 05
Email: Email:

Schedule The latest schedule can be found here
Grading Information about assessments and exams can be found here


The whole is accompanied by a course project to practice the heard methods, techniques and concepts. The course project is not compulsory, but it is highly recommended to solve the project tasks. Find more information under Course Project

Course Material You find all course material in the class folder on the Active Directory server of the School of Engineering