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Benutzerspezifische Werkzeuge

Startseite / Learning objectives
Startseite / Learning objectives

Learning Targets

The students know the common and important practices and tools supporting efficient and automated software development and testing. They are able apply in practice what they have learned in this course.

After this course you

  • can identify acitivities and artefacts of software construction in the context of software engineering
  • know the importance of automation to achieve high software quality standards
  • can use tools for automation efficiently in your software development projects
  • can use version control tools for software development in the team efficiently
  • can describe and apply testing concepts and techniques in the whole software life cycle
  • know and are able to apply common metrics of software quality analysis
  • know the importance of refactoring for maintaining software quality
  • are able to apply refactoring without compromising software quality
  • can apply logging for different purposes