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Startseite / ScrumCity

Scrum City

Online Retrospective

You find here the links for the surveys after each lesson. The links will be open just before class and stay available for a couple of weeks.


Vision (week 1)


Retro (open)
User Stories/Backlog (week 2) 24./25./26.9.2018 Retro 
Estimating/Planning (week 3) 1./2./3.10.2018 Retro 
Doing the sprints (week 4) 8./9./10.10.2018 Retro

Thank you very much for participating!!

About the Scrum City Guide

As a practical introduction into Agile Software Development and Agile methods the students play the Scrum City Game.  The game has its origin in the Scrum Lego City Game [1]; We have adapted and extended it for the needs of the course (for example define your own city, write your own User Stories, estimate them, build the city with cardboard instead of lego bricks to generate more interaction). 

The intention of the Scrum game, or Scrum simulation, is to practice and experience the whole Agile process and practices like self-organized teams, taking responsibility, highly interactive cooperation, continuous improvement, story point estimation, etc.) in a very condensed form.

The following pictures provide some impressions from former Scrum City Games executions. 


We hope and are convinced, you will have as much fun as they had!

[1] agile42. Scum Lego City;, 2.10.2012