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Startseite / Assessment




The final course grade ("Modulnote") given by semester mark ("Erfahrungsnote"). There is no end term exam.

The semester mark is calculated as the average of one written exam and a graded essay about the topic "User Experience in Software Processes".

To pass the module successfully, additionally attestations for successfully solving the following tasks are mandatory:

1. Written Report and presentation about Software Processes

2. Workout and presentation of the Case Study.

3. Successful participation in the Scrum City Game (delivered artifacts: Product Backlog (course week 3),  constructed city (course week 4)

4. visit of the guest lecture at the end of the semester

Missing one of the above attestations, results in failure of the module (semester mark 1.0)
Exam Topics: Traditional, Agile, Scrum, Kanban Software Processes, the processes from the group home work and the exam relevant literature.  
Duration: 60'
Scope: All handouts, exercises, distributed and referenced literature.
Access to content 2-page A4 summary (may also be machine written)
Class/ Time/Room

3iCb3Ia: 12.11.2018, 9:00 in Audimax B, 1.047

5iCbb: 13.11.2018, 15:15 in room 1.313 

3iCeng: 14.11.2018, 13:15 in room 1.313

Exercises & Questionnaires

We typically distribute exercises or repetition questions each week to consolidate and deepen the taught topics. To solve these exercises is optional, but strongly recommended. The content of the exercises is also a topic of the exams and solving them is very good preparation for exam.