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International Migration Conference

20th International Conference of Migration

Thursday, June 18th and Friday, June 19th, 2020

The registration is now open. The programm will be published shortly.

“The Multicultural Condition”

Multiculturalism, often disparaged politically and opposed as ’multi-culti,’ is a generic term for theories, concepts and also political strategies that relate to a historically familiar and once again topical field of conflict. It entails the question of whether and how people can shape their living together in society with differing systems of value and styles of living, grounded on differing ethnic and linguistic backgrounds as well as cultural and/or religious affiliations and modes of belonging. The conference endeavors to reexamine and discuss anew the bases and critiques of multiculturalism. One aim in such discussion is to sound out and analyze the relation of multiculturalism to competing concepts, in particular transnationality, integration and diversity. Likewise to be explored is the significance of associated political differentiations, such as the distinction of a specifically libertarian or communitarian understanding of multiculturalism.