• Mail Protocols: You can access your mailbox using different protocols and mail clients: Thunderbird with Out-look-Plugin, Outlook, Outlook-Web-App, Apple Mail, Outlook for Mac, Outlook365 for smartphones, etc. All Mailboxes are limited to 50 GB. You will get alerts before the limits are reached.

  • Note: Attachments are limited to approximately 27 MB depending on the coding-factor. E-Mails containing Archives (zip, rar, etc.) are rejected "until further notice" to avoid spreading of viruses. To share data you may make use of the services offered by Switch: switchFilesender and switchDrive

  • Outlook Web-App: Use the following address in the internet browser of your choice: You can find tutorials using search machines on the web

  • Apple Macintosh Mail, Outlook, iPad and iPhone:
    • Create a new eMail account. If you are asked for a Server-Type, choose EXCHANGE
    • Type in your own FHNW-eMail-Address.
    • o In the password field, you have to type in your FHNW password. The rest will be config-ured automatically.

  • Other smartPhones and Personal Digital Assistants: download Microsoft Outlook365 client from your App-Store and add a new Mailbox.

  • Online video: Or follow the relative online video here