International Conference

Decision-Making in Child and Adult Protection: Discretion and Dialogue

University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW)
School of Social Work

31 May - 2 June 2018, Basel

After a first international conference in Mainz on ‘Judgement and Decision-Making in Social Work’, we want to continue and deepen the scientific exchange in a subsequent conference in Basel, narrowing the subject to the fields of child and adult protection.

The conference aims to provide the opportunity to share and compare current research, theoretical perspectives and models, identify common research interests, and facilitate international collaborations. Therefore, we would like to invite you very warmly to our conference, taking place in 31 May – 2 June 2018 in Basel, Switzerland.

The conference focuses on two main topics: “discretion” and “dialogue”. We would like to deepen the discussion on discretion in decision-making, by approaching questions like: How do professionals use discretion, as a central element of professional practice, in judgment and decision-making? What constrains professionals' discretion? How do factors like case specifics, personal characteristics, tools, teams, organizations, welfare systems, and further contextual factors interact and contribute to how professionals and (inter-professional) teams exercise discretion? The focus on dialogue offers the opportunity to discuss questions like: How are clients involved and do participate in the decision-making, what is their view on professionals' decision-making, and what is the effect of clients’ involvement on the decision and outcomes? How can the clients' participation be facilitated in an optimal way in decision-making processes?

We invited colleagues, who are known as experts in these fields, to present their current work, experiences and questions on the conference’s topics. We also welcome the attendance of non-presenting participants. To keep the conference small enough for in-depth discussions, we limit the capacity of the conference to 30 people.