New Publication by Springer: “Business Information Systems and Technology 4.0”

The newly published Springer-book gives an overview of current issues concerning business information and prospects of what this discipline involves presently and in future.

“Business information has been reinventing itself worldwide,” says Prof. Dr. Rolf Dornberger, Head of the Institute for Information Systems, School of Business, University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Northwestern Switzerland, and editor of the new volume. The book was published by Springer-publishing in the series of “Studies in Systems, Decision and Control,” and contains an overview of the current research status and investigates future trends and their practical impact.

Focusing on Applicability

The English publication is directed towards a wide international audience. Instead of focusing in-depth on details that will be obsolete in only a few months, the main interest lies on the four main chapters “Information Systems”, “E-Business Applications, “Web 20. Revolution,” and “Artificial Intelligence” which provide insight into what companies will have to face in regards to Marketing-Automation, Blockchain or Cyber-Resilience. To ensure the book’s practical relevance, not only research topics but also expertise from the working world was involved.

The development of Business Information in four steps (© Springer, FHNW).

Traditional business information investigates the impact of the applicability of information systems for companies. The rapid development of information systems and of digitalization has led to advances in the research of business information technology. As one of the most relevant future topics Prof. Dornberger sees the blurring of the lines between man, machine and data through the implementation of artificial intelligence and virtual reality: “In the past computers were fixed, now, however, we have Smartphones and thus carry our internet access with us at all times. In the future, these types of systems will take the form of robots – whether we like it or not.”

The publication “Business Information Systems and Technology 4.0 – New Trends in the Age of Digital Change” can be purchased via Springer-publishing and can be borrowed at the libraries of FHNW.

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