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Andrea Huskic worked as a member of the PR team of the international student project Focus India in 2016/17. She now works in the digital marketing department at SBB (Swiss Federal Railways). It was partly due to her work for Focus India that she got her current job.

It is not easy to get a job directly after your studies. Work experience is extremely important. Practical experience is a must for most companies. By becoming a member of the Focus India PR team, Andrea intended to gain exactly these experiences. It turned out to be one the best decisions she has ever made.

Andrea Huskic

Andrea Huskic

„As a PR member of such a great project I learned that work is also about fun and motivation. There was no other job where I could have obtained so many professional and cultural insights. It was an unforgettable time in which I not only gained work experience but also expanded my network and made new friends.” – Andrea Huskic

It doesn’t always go according to plan

In today’s digital world, things often work out differently than planned. Good time management is needed to counteract this. Andrea learned this in Focus India and it helps her now in her job at the SBB.

She works in the digital marketing team where she is responsible for running campaigns, among other things. This involves a lot of project management –the timelines of campaigns have to be closely coordinated with various teams and agencies. Production and delivery have to be on point which requires very detailed and exact time management.

Andrea began her internship at the SBB in August 2017. She would like to use her time until July 2018 to develop further and gain additional experience. “Exchanges between departments are strongly encouraged,” she says. We wish her continuing success for the future.

About Focus India

Focus India started in 2005 as a flagship project within the bachelor’s degree programme of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW). It is organised by students for students.

Andrea during the onsite seminar in India. (Foto: Focus India Team)

The project consists of a one week preparation seminar (lectures, podium discussions and company visits) as well as a two weeks onsite seminar in India.

More information

Focus India Website


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