Swiss Innovation Challenge Asia 2017: Final Round

The first intake of Swiss Innovation Challenge Asia was a success. We present the winning entrepreneurs from Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

After nine months of intensive preparations, coaching and two eliminating rounds, the finalists of Swiss Innovation Challenge Asia were selected. In a last round, the participants had to pitch with a final presentation in front of an international jury to be the winner of the Swiss Innovation or the Swiss Innovation Internationalization prize. In Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand the teams were hosted by leading universities. Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Univerisiti Teknologi Malaysia, Institut Teknologi Bandung and Thammasat University Bangkok welcomed the participants as well the jury members from home and abroad. As representatives of the University of Applied Sciences (FHNW) – which has established and rolled out Swiss Innovation Challenge Asia – Prof. Dr. Rolf-Dieter Reineke and Mr. Ueli Zehnder from the School of Business attended all the pitching sessions and the award ceremonies. They were happy to be guests of so many kind and friendly people and overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and the professionalism shown by all participants during the competition.

Within 16 days, the team of FHNW visited four universities in four countries, attended about 140 pitch presentations, handed over 16 prizes (1st, 2nd and 3rd prize for Innovation, 1st for Internationalization), was part of eight different jury teams, spent over 32 hours in planes and met hundreds of open minded people from all over ASEAN, all connect by entrepreneurial spirit. The Swiss Innovation Challenge Asia opened doors for further and strengthened collaboration of the countries involved, including Switzerland.

The winners of both tracks in each country will visit Switzerland in October 2017 and participate in the related contests of Swiss Innovation Challenge.


Vietnam: panel discussion on innovatio (photo: Ueli Zehnder).

Vietnam: award ceremony (photo: Ueli Zehnder).

Winner Swiss Innovation Challenge Vietnam

ShareCarForAds, a company selling advertising space on cars, measuring views by using a GPS WiFi Scanner inside the cars. The company is already up and running and looking forward to further expansion.

Winner Swiss Innovation Challenge Internationalization Vietnam

DropDeck, a new business model for scoring and ranking investments, investors and fund-seeking companies, using blockchain technology. The team is looking forward to the next steps in establishing its services and performing an ICO.


Malaysia: Reception of jury and guests at Univerisiti Teknologi Malaysia (photo: Ueli Zehnder).

Malaysia: winners, jury and all participants (photo: Ueli Zehnder).

Winner Swiss Innovation Challenge Malaysia

Zymeratics, a team of scientists providing enzyme technology for use in Malaysia and beyond. The enzymes provided will accelerate the production of products like fish sauce and are developed to be halal. The company will build its own plant for production and immobilization of enzymes in Kuala Lumpur und enter the market within the next months.

Winner Swiss Innovation Challenge Internationalization Malaysia, the company provides a wallet to exchange cryptocurrencies and links the peer to peer exchange of coins with a cryptocurrency backed by physical gold. The company wants to go live within the next months as a “natural born global” enterprise.


Indonesia: the jury of the internationalization prize (photo: Ueli Zehnder).

Indonesia: the award ceremony (photo: Ueli Zehnder).

Winner Swiss Innovation Challenge Indonesia

L.A.S.T., a company providing lightning protection technologies tailormade for Indonesian power grids. The technology is already installed on several powerlines and significantly reduced the number of network downtime caused by lightning strikes.

Winner Swiss Innovation Challenge Internationalization Indonesia

LokaPoin, the company offers a broad range of local based tourist services such as guided tours, visits of undiscovered places and accommodation in rural environment. Their plan is to conquer the whole ASEAN region within the next years with tailormade solutions.


Thailand: the jury at work during the final round (photo: Thammasat University).

Thailand: all winners on stage (photo: Ueli Zehnder).

Winner Swiss Innovation Challenge Thailand

WAWTA, the company created a solution that allows the visually impaired to identify colors with just a smartphone app through a series of vibrations and aural cues based on the color detected on the phone camera. With the money awarded, they are looking forward to provide their service all over Thailand to blind people.

Winner Swiss Innovation Challenge Internationalization Thailand

Rodee LMS, the company provides a learning management system that is already operating in Thailand. They are now planning to enter the markets of Myanmar and Vietnam.

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