The Game Description

“Tourney” is a digital learning game that is currently being developed with an interdisciplinary approach, critically focused on creating a content-independent game framework for a versatile application in the learning environment. This learning platform offers a flexible and multifaceted tool-kit of exemplary self-learning sequences that the lecturers (experts) can enrich with their own structured content in order to create learning paths by choosing modular elements. As soon as the level creation process is completed, the game becomes available for the participants to explore and fulfill the requirements of the learning process, such as watching course material, answering questions, uploading texts / photos / videos, and so forth. Furthermore, from the gamified system perspective, the participants gain points and items (feedback to learning quantity and quality), keep their character’s health level at optimum (learning efficiency), as well as monitor their own learning progress. They are able to compare themselves with their fellow players on the game-board (comparison to state of the class) and in the leaderboards (comparison to learning goals).

Various game mechanics have been systematically analyzed and only a limited selection of these elements have been customized and implemented into “Tourney”. Quantifiable assets of progress visualization (experience points, health points, diamonds as in-game currency) have been carefully crafted and custom algorithms have been implemented. Conceptually, this learning game is hosting a secure and safe environment for participants to test their skills. Therefore, the game is developed with the didactic approach of not having any direct negative consequences in the real-life, during the studies of the participants – but supporting the learning in a positive way.

From the technological perspective, the project team has designed and programmed “Tourney” as an HTML5/Javascript web-application that can be played cross-platform in any web browser without an additional software installation. The sophisticated and responsive interface design enables the users to experience the same visual quality in various game situations. Moreover, the digital platform enables to gather behavioral data on the participants progress and visualize the performance of participants, groups, or the experts.

Tourney – A story of shapes

In the beginning, far off in the unknown space, there was a society called the Fermies. The Fermies were alone, separate little dots, floating around in the universe until they found knowledge. This enabled their reproduction.

At first, knowledge was merely known as the ability to repeat the given. The only challenge was to find something that could be recited. And in the universe the Fermies found many things that could be recited, endless interesting facts. And by that they reproduced and knowledge spread.

The reproduction made them reach the next evolutionary step: the so called Linies. And as evolution goes on, there is growth and development and this goes along with change, change which results in a new way of thinking. The expertise of the Linies was the so called reflective thinking, which means that they started to think about their thinking. This reflective thinking enabled them to reproduce not dot by dot, like the Firmies did, but line by line. And by that they gained a certain depth in knowledge.

After this advancement the lines turned into a surface and the next evolutionary step was reached, the society of the Surfies. The surfies were able to understand the complexity of things, the correlation of all the facts in the universe. They grasped these complex matters and were able to see the big picture, and by that they recognized something else: There were also other surfaces, lines and dots around them. They were able to touch each other and to connect in order to become even more complex. By that the first sophisticated shape was born: the so called Tourney.

And this is the story of the Tourney, which can be your Tourney…

Start the quest, search for knowledge, connect with others and try to become more complex as a shape. Continue the journey of the Fermies, the Linies and the Surfies!!!

The Project Description

“Tourney” is the title of the digital learning game platform that is currently being developed within an internal research project at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) in order to increase the learning outcome on various levels of the diverse studying programs. The project started in March 2013 and will be finalized in August 2014. The interdisciplinary developer’s team consists of experts and researchers from the FHNW Schools of Business, Engineering, Academy of Art and Design, Applied Psychology, and Education. Tourney is being developed with an agile project management and programming approach, critically focused on creating a content-independent game framework for a versatile application in the learning environment. It enables both, individual learning and collaboration with other learners.

Ways of participation

In case you are interested in Tourney and want to participate in the further development of it, there are several possibilities:

– Participating in the technological development
– Funding
– Cooperation
– Testing
– Donation

Please contact us!