What’s Next for China? Lessons from the 19th Chinese Party Congress

On 11th December 2017, the FHNW School of Business / Swiss SME Research Center China launched the „China Insights“ seminar series at FHNW in Basel with the question „What’s next for China after the 19th Party Congress?“ and illuminated the topic from different angles.

About 60 guets followed the explanations of the experts: Ms Elisabeth Tester, ChinaIntelligence, interviewed Minister-Counselor Mr GU Hui (economic policy impacts), Ms Fiona Gao, Vischer AG (policy impacts), Mr Stephan Jüngling, FHNW (OBOR and international trade and diplomacy policy), Mr Gabriel Schweizer, Basel.Area (impacts on Sino-Swiss Business) and host and moderator Mr Michael Jeive, FHNW (key outcomes of the congress).

Minister-Counselor Mr GU Hui


The speakers: Gabriel Schweizer, Stephan Jüngling, Hui Gu, Fiona Gao, Michael Jeive, missing Elisabeth Tester

Elisabeth Tester is interviewing Minister-Counselor Mr GU Hui

Fiona Gao

Stephan Jüngling

Gabriel Schweizer

The host and moderator Michael Jeive

Networking Apero


Prof. Michael Jeive
Head of Swiss SME Research Center China
University of Applied Sciences Northwerstern Switzerland
FHNW School of Business

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