China National Day on 1st October – Golden Week Holiday: booming tourism

Authors: Miaomiao Wang, Dominik Schaub and Joanna Zhou

The Chinese people have just returned to work after the Golden Week Holiday and after celebrating the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival.

In 1999, the State Council of China announced the new „National Day and Anniversary Holiday Measures“, and decided to have golden week holiday for China’s National Day. It is made as 3 days public holiday together with stitching two weekends, resulting in a total 7-day holiday.

Year 2000 appeared in the first 7 days of „Golden Week“, since then the annual national holiday travel swept the country. Golden Week is also seen as a major move of stimulating domestic demand and promoting consumption.

Shenyang train station – © Dominik Schaub and Joanna Zhou

In 2017, National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival have overlapped and resulted to an 8-day holiday. According to CNTA (China National Tourism Administration), during the golden week this year, a total of 700 million Chinese travelled around China which generating 584 billion yuan (about 85 billion CHF) revenue and a year on year growth of 13.9%. It has been a transportation boom also with 12.95 million passenger trips made by plane and over 110 million passenger trips made by rail.

Shenyang train station – © Dominik Schaub and Joanna Zhou

CNTA data showed that about 6 million Chinese travelled abroad to 1,155 cities in 88 countries or regions during this National Day holiday, and the most popular destinations are Thailand, Japan, Singapore and US. Countries along „Belt and Road“ become expected destinations. Chinese tourists are more interested in in-depth personalized travel experiences, as well as the rising demand of high-quality tours.


Miaomiao Wang, Olten
Research Assistant

Dominik Schaub and Joanna Zhou, Harbin
Project leaders
FHNW School of Business / Swiss SME Research Center China,

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