Chinese social media channels outstripped the western well-known channels

workshop1Everyone is currently talking about digital marketing. But using digital marketing as a communication tool in the Western world of business is not the same as in China as the tools, the users and the environment are radically different. At the same time, Chinese people are very advanced in using Social Media. With the Workshop „Digital Marketing in China“ Ms Dr. Chun Chen introduced the workshop audience to the most common Chinese digital marketing channels.

At the beginning of social media a lot of Chinese channels were just a copy of western channels like YouKu for YouTube, Baidu for Google, but this comparison is no longer valid. Nowadays the Chinese channels combine a lot more services in one channel compared to their western counterparts. As an example Ms Chen introduced  the most important channel in China, WeChat. At the beginning WeChat was the counterpart of WhatsApp. Nowadays WeChat offers similar services like WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Browser, Google Maps, Paypal and Uber, all of them combined in one single channel. Therefore western companies who want to reach their  desired Chinese target group, must understand  the Chinese handling with social media and the functions of Chinese social media channels first and then choose the right channel. Usually the first decision will be if you need an e-commerce channel for selling products or a news channel to make your company or brand better known.workshop2

The speaker Ms Dr. Chun Chen is the Digital Media Project Leader at Swatch Group in Biel-Bienne and is a profound expert in Chinese digital marketing.






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