Wearing a blanket instead of a jacket

No need for jackets if a blanket will do… (Photo: www.ikea.com)

Olten, 9th of February 2017. The traditional use of blankets is outdated. Ikea has created a blanket that can be worn as a jacket for relaxing occasions.

The blanket coat is designed to serve as the ultimate value for several purposes at home. In situations where you have to stand up in order to grab the remote control because it is out of reach or when your cellphone runs out of battery and you need to plug it in this quilt coat is the solution to freezing when interupted by one of the aforementioned pop in`s. It is special because you just do up the zip when you need to visit the restroom or similar.

It is made of warm, padded  material, which is fabricated in a way that enables one to smoothly nestle down in it. What is more, the blanket coat is available in a turquoise and bright blue shade.

„I decided to create a new kind of throw that you can also wear“, explained Hanna Dalrot on the website of IKEA.

“It is a very interesting product, which I would buy. There is nothing more frustrating when watching movies than leaving the warm blanket to get more snacks,” said  Marina, a student  at the FHNW Olten.

By Kristiana Basic

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