No entry for people wearing fur at Hiltl Club Zürich

With this poster, the Hiltl Club warns clubbers that wearing fur means you won’t be let in

By Kristiana Basic

Zürich, 8 February 2017.- Wearing real fur became trendy again. A Zürich night club  and the Swiss animal protection institution are shaking their heads and taking initative.

Real fur is fashionable again: the Swiss population bought in the past few years an increasing amount of animal pelt wrote Blick ch. Besides winter coats, even cuttings and shoes are furred.  Even 20 minutes ch writes that there are more and more young adults and students seen with furred jackets.

“We wanna make a change”, points out the owner of the Hiltl Club in Zurich, Rolf Hiltl (49), who launched the new “fur ban policy” inside his night club. Rolf Hiltl happens to be the first night club owner in Switzerland taking initiative by sending out a message to a younger audience. To better run his revolutionary action, his doormen in front of the Hiltl night club not only are working as security people of the club, but since not long ago even as fur-police. “Every fifth jacket that we spot is a brand jacket furred with real pelt”, adds Annatina Portman, the “fur-policewoman” at Hiltl.

By forbidding fur lover`s entry to the club, he does not fear to anger his guests as he expects the majority of visitors to respond in a positive manner to the new policy.

In collaboration with Mr Hiltl, also the Swiss animal protection institution (STS) wants to raise awareness of the ongoing issue. “We hope that many more night club owners will follow Mr. Hitl and implement the fur ban policy” says Helen Sandmeier (59) from STS.

Animal pelt is again fashionable in Switzerland, it was estimated that over 440 tons of fur were imported in 2016 which is the highest amount since 1992. The problematic with the fur production is that, those animals are breeded with the single purpose of killing them for further processing their fur for adorning coats and other clothing pieces. The animal`s meat, however, is not taken into account further and ends up discarded. “It is a brutal exploitation of the animal lives”, says Hiltl.

“I would never buy furred coats, although I think those coats look very good”, answered a random girl at the FHNW Campus Olten, who wore a fake pelt coat. Watching a documentary about the processing of fur made her realize how brutally the animals are treated. It was the moment when she decided for herself not to purchase real pelt coats in the future.

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