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massive earrings – a trend in 2017

big earrings – a trend in 2017

Bern, 29 January 2017. A new year brings new fashion trends. However, not everybody follows them: Sara and Maria, students from Bern, explain their respective point of view.

“I think it’s a little bit weird to set these trends beforehand. Why don’t we just dress up however we like and at the end of the year look what was popular and has become trendy?” asks Maria, 22.

InStyle points out on their webpage that for example big and massive earrings will be trendy in 2017, and Julia Hobbs from Vogue writes that wearing leggings under the dress is one of the “Seven Fashion Trends To Kick Start 2017”.

“In my opinion, it looks like fashion magazines are forced to find something new all the time and sometimes that appears poorly. I mean, wearing leggings under a dress goes constantly back and forth; is it OK, trendy, or totally no-go”, Maria continues.

Jordan Muto sums up that 2017 is “all about making a statement with power sleeves, shoulder-length earrings and block heels” in TODAY’s article. Maria says that block heels have been one key element of her wardrobe for a long time. “Sometimes you can be accidentally trendy”, she laughs.

Sara, 24, thinks that it is almost impossible to avoid influences of trends set by the fashion industry. “I couldn’t care less if I’m trendy or not, but shopping in basic chain stores which are full of new trendy clothes of course influences my style in one way or another”, she says and continues, “But I just buy clothes which I personally find attractive”.

Both, Sara and Maria find it a little bit sad that there isn’t much differences of stores’ offerings. “Sometimes it feels when you’ve visited one shop, you’ve seen them all”, says Sara.

Maria thinks that even though big trends are planned beforehand by fashion industry, it is possible to keep your unique style through the year. “I don’t want anybody else to say what I should wear – I like to buy my clothes from second hand shops, there I can find clothes with special character”, she finishes.

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Author: Inka Närhi
Edited by: Matthias Neff 

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