Staying warm in Swiss winter

Bern, 3 January 2017. The Local reports that the January of 2017 has been the coldest one in 30 years. Despite the cold weather, FHNW exchange student Nicolas, 21, has been able to enjoy Swiss winter.“Being warm and having proper winter clothes are more important to me than looking good” he says and continues: “I think incoming exchange students here were prepared quite well to Swiss winter.”

Nicolas adds that there were differences among cultures how exchange students wore winter clothes. For example, for Chinese it looked like new trendy nice-looking winter clothes were part of the experience of visiting the Alps while for Nicolas for example, just staying warm was the priority number one.

To find a colder January, we need to go back to 1987. In that year, the village of La Brévine recorded -41.8(℃) degrees. Additionally, the average temperature across the Switzerland was -4.3(℃) degrees.

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Author: Inka Närhi
Edited by: Jooyeon Hong 

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