Über Safak Korkut

Safak Korkut is a creative who is interested in the latest technologies, new communication concepts, and social media development. He is also a professional filmmaker, project developer and MSc co-mentor in FHNW IWI; as well, a researcher and a documentarist in FHNW IVK. Apart from this, he is Narrative and Interactive Visualization Specialist, Designer and Co-founder of YAAY which is located in Basel, Switzerland. YAAY is a devoted interdisciplinary team which is aiming to have an impact on today's visual communication.

Why women stopped coding? What actually happened in 1984?

Last Week on NPR’s Planet Money, the editors covered an interesting story about women computer scientists. It is not surprising that their claim was that “The field of computer science is dominated by men”, which they emphasized by listing the names that are known by everyone, such as Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and so on… Weiterlesen

Gamification and Tourney (FHNW) at the XING-MittagXperten

Martina Dalla Vecchia (Lecturer at School of Business FHNW and head of CAS Social Media, Conversion Management & Webanalyse) organizes the XING-MittagXperten on April 24th, 2014 and hosts Safak Korkut on the topic “Games and Gamification” in a scenic lunch in Restaurant Rhypark, Basel. Weiterlesen

It is a trap!

Lately, If you have passed by the 4th floor in Peter Merian Building (Basel) where IWI office is, you might have noticed this humorous message from our neighbours across the courtyard, DHL.


The message states a funny internet meme: “Don’t grow up. It is a trap!“. Unlike the negative connotation, hopefully it is affecting our students positively and prepares them for the real life challenges as an early warning system.

P.S. We are thinking of a playful answer to our neighbours. If you have a brilliant idea, do not hesitate to share it with us.