New buttons in the Visual Editor

Dear blog authors,

We received a feedback for more buttons in visual editor to use when you are creating blog posts. Especially, the undo/redo buttons. We found a plugin tailored for this specific wish: TinyMCE Advanced.

Here is the screenshot of the new and enriched visual editor:
new functions in visual editor

We predefined and tested all the buttons and compatibility with the blog. We would be happy to hear from you about your experiences and the functionality of these buttons. Weiterlesen

Most effective way of fighting SPAM: Human verification

We installed a new plugin for our blogs that would reduce the SPAM comments.
The solution is as simple as it seems: human verification.

When the plug is activated in your blog. Anyone who would like to leave comment should answer a basic arithmetical question:

In order to take control of the spam, we believe that human has a better chance to answer these question than an oversea computer bot.

The settings are located on the lower menu: BWS Plugins. Here is a screenshot of the settings that we recommend to our admins.
captcha settings


We wish you spam-free days.

your blog support team.

Kategorien Individuell Sortieren

Kategorien sind bei WordPress als „default“ alphabetisch oder nach Nummern geordnet.

Basierend auf den Anforderungen in der FHNW haben wir diese Funktion deaktiviert.

Die Deaktivierung ist möglich mit dem Plugin: Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order

Zu finden untern den Link:

Nachdem dies installiert wurde, sind folgende Einstellungen zu überprüfen:

  1. Wenn das Category Specific RSS Menu Plugin installiert ist: (unter Einstellungen zu finden) Show Category RSS for All Categories >> aktivieren
  2. Beiträge > Kategorien: Diese sollten in der gewünschten Reihenfolge angelegt sein.
  3. Einstellungen > Taxonomy Terms Order: Autosort ON und Admin Sort aktiviert

Internet Explorer and WordPress

We are strongly recommending for our users to use latest Firefox or Chrome for their activity, both for reading and writing blog articles on WordPress.

Internet Explorer and WordPress have compatibility problems and numerous bugs.

You can download the latest versions here:

How to wrap text around an image

When a blog article contains smaller images, authors might want to wrap the text around an image. In order to wrap text around an image; place the image to the post and then select the blue icon on top when the image is activated. The pop-up window with additional settings will appear. Choose the positioning of the image as prefered from the options and click update.






RSS Newsfeed: Excerpt or Full Post (Kurzfassung oder ganzen Text)

Administrators can choose based on their preference to show excerpt or full post in their blog’s RSS feed:


Under Settings (Einstellungen) > Reading (Lesen) > Show in Newsfeed (Zeige im Newsfeed) the administrators can decide on the desired length of their blog articles on RSS feed.