Most effective way of fighting SPAM: Human verification

We installed a new plugin for our blogs that would reduce the SPAM comments.
The solution is as simple as it seems: human verification.

When the plug is activated in your blog. Anyone who would like to leave comment should answer a basic arithmetical question:

In order to take control of the spam, we believe that human has a better chance to answer these question than an oversea computer bot.

The settings are located on the lower menu: BWS Plugins. Here is a screenshot of the settings that we recommend to our admins.
captcha settings


We wish you spam-free days.

your blog support team.

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Über Safak Korkut

Safak Korkut is a creative who is interested in the latest technologies, new communication concepts, and social media development. He is also a professional filmmaker, project developer and MSc co-mentor in FHNW IWI; as well, a researcher and a documentarist in FHNW IVK. Apart from this, he is Narrative and Interactive Visualization Specialist, Designer and Co-founder of YAAY which is located in Basel, Switzerland. YAAY is a devoted interdisciplinary team which is aiming to have an impact on today's visual communication.

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