Internet Explorer and WordPress

We are strongly recommending for our users to use latest Firefox or Chrome for their activity, both for reading and writing blog articles on WordPress.

Internet Explorer and WordPress have compatibility problems and numerous bugs.

You can download the latest versions here:

Adding an Image Gallery to WordPress

Adding image gallery to wordpress is very simple, yet a very effective way of enhancing your blog article with a photo sequence.

Select „Dateien hinzufugen“ on the post entry screen. Select the images (screenshot 1), and create the gallery (screenshot 2). We recommend the gallery settings as follows:

Link zur: Keine

Typ: Diashow

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 4.59.50 PM


How to wrap text around an image

When a blog article contains smaller images, authors might want to wrap the text around an image. In order to wrap text around an image; place the image to the post and then select the blue icon on top when the image is activated. The pop-up window with additional settings will appear. Choose the positioning of the image as prefered from the options and click update.