The top 7 most helpful Links on HTML5 Game Development

HTML5 offers great new possibilities for game development. Almost all modern browsers support the canvas element, have hardware acceleration and come with fast JavaScript engines. Even mobile phones now have the capabilities to run complex web-applications and even games in their browsers.

Here is a quick starting guide featuring the top 7 most helpful links for aspiring HTML5 game developers:


Coursera: Video Games and Learning

Online course on Coursera about games and learning, held by Constance Steinkuehler and Kurt Squire. Started Oct 3rd 2013 and will run for 6 weeks.


The course teaches about video games and their potential value for learning, mainly focused on education for kids and teenagers (pre-university education). A large number of instructors contribute to the course and introduce valuable principles for designing concepts, narrations as well as visuals for immersive learning experiences.

They identify possibilities of learning that are strongly facilitated by games and show examples of how these can be used in a learning context.

Games and Learning Slide Screen Shot

Slide from week one lecture held by Kurt Squire

From the course description: Video games aren’t just fun, they can be powerful vehicles for learning as well. In this course, we discuss research on the kinds of thinking and learning that go into video games and gaming culture, benefits and drawbacks of digital gameplay, tensions between youth culture and traditional education, and new developments intended to bridge that growing divide.