Gamification and Tourney (FHNW) at the XING-MittagXperten

Martina Dalla Vecchia (Lecturer at School of Business FHNW and head of CAS Social Media, Conversion Management & Webanalyse) organizes the XING-MittagXperten on April 24th, 2014 and hosts Safak Korkut on the topic „Games and Gamification“ in a scenic lunch in Restaurant Rhypark, Basel.
There are still places left in the event. For more information please visit the dedicated page on XING.

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The game industry has already overcome the Hollywood’s most expensive productions. In November 2013, one retail game sold $1 billion worth of copies all around the world in one single day; a number that no Hollywood production ever came closer. While the industry is growing and players are getting more and more addicted, the side effects are also started to come to the surface in various sectors outside of the game world: a trend that many enterprises want to jump in, but most don’t know how to do. This presentation will focus not only on the ideas and applications of gamification, but also will show insights from FHNW’s gamified learning project: Tourney.


Bildquellen: Philip Toledano (with his kind permission)

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Über Safak Korkut

Safak Korkut is a creative who is interested in the latest technologies, new communication concepts, and social media development. He is also a professional filmmaker, project developer and MSc co-mentor in FHNW IWI; as well, a researcher and a documentarist in FHNW IVK. Apart from this, he is Narrative and Interactive Visualization Specialist, Designer and Co-founder of YAAY which is located in Basel, Switzerland. YAAY is a devoted interdisciplinary team which is aiming to have an impact on today's visual communication.

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