The top 7 most helpful Links on HTML5 Game Development

HTML5 offers great new possibilities for game development. Almost all modern browsers support the canvas element, have hardware acceleration and come with fast JavaScript engines. Even mobile phones now have the capabilities to run complex web-applications and even games in their browsers.

Here is a quick starting guide featuring the top 7 most helpful links for aspiring HTML5 game developers:

1. Udacity Course „HTML5 Game Development“

2. EaselJS

A Javascript library that makes working with the HTML5 Canvas element easy.!/EaselJS

EaselJS Website Screen Shot

3. IMPACT: A 2D JavaScript Engine

A javascript game engine coming with a level editor and features such as collision, box2D physics integration, animation, asset loading and more.
Here’s a demo:

4. sheetengine: Isometric HTML5 JavaScript Display Engine
Here’s a demo:

5. Help and Tutorials on the HTML5 Game Development Website

6. An Article praising the Advantages of HTML5 vs. Native Apps

7. A List of HTML5 Game Engines

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