HabitRPG – Your life like a role playing game.

HabitRPG is an open source habit building program which treats your life like a Role Playing Game. Level up as you succeed, lose HP as you fail, earn money to buy weapons and armor.

Recently, the internet is talking about a gamified to-do list; http://habitrpg.com. You are earning points and gold coins by keeping a pixel character (tamagotchi alike) alive and upgrade to the next level in a dungeons-and-dragons-feel text-based environment. All you need to do is to accomplish your tasks.

If you gain enough experience, you’ll get to the next level and your health will be restored. You also earn gold points for completing tasks and making positive progress on your habits, which you can use to (figuratively) purchase items like weapons and potions from the store to help you on your journey.

The game evolves in the following levels. For example, after level 2 you can purchase weapons and potions to strengthen your character; after level 4 you can purchase an egg and have your first dragon and start working on your daily tasks with your companion, the red dragon and so on.

The logic of the game is designed (and still being designed) in such a nice way that if you do not finish your daily tasks, you receive damage. If you do not do your habits for a long time, they get more red and damages you more, but at the same time if you accomplish them you gain more points. If you do your habits and daily lists in a repetitive way you start earning less points because you are already a pro. So the game asks you to get more tasks.

The players are encouraged to start their party with friends and challenge the daily tasks together sword to sword. They can monitor their progress and motivate each other.

HabitRPG started as a kickstarter campaign, now it has a large community of players and also coders as the project is an open-source environment; and it is evolving technically and logically both.
It is designed with Bootstrap, http://getbootstrap.com/ – it is an open-source front-end framework developed by Twitter and it is über-responsive; making the to-do play experience reachable in all the devices and situations seamlessly.

It also features an offline play mode for times that you don’t have internet access, in which you need to sync with the system before the end of the day.

I cannot recommend this game more for the people who is busy with their task lists and looking for a motivation (and ideally with a role playing game background).

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Safak Korkut is a creative who is interested in the latest technologies, new communication concepts, and social media development. He is also a professional filmmaker, project developer and MSc co-mentor in FHNW IWI; as well, a researcher and a documentarist in FHNW IVK. Apart from this, he is Narrative and Interactive Visualization Specialist, Designer and Co-founder of YAAY which is located in Basel, Switzerland. YAAY is a devoted interdisciplinary team which is aiming to have an impact on today's visual communication.

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