Quote for thought: Augmented Learning

It is often said that there are two ways one can use technology in education – you can do old things in new ways (i.e., taking notes on a tablet computer instead of a notepad, or writing on a smartboard instead of a blackboard) or you can do new things in new ways (i.e., create immersive simulations where you can become an electron and see out of its „eyes“ in virtual reality or travel back in time to interact with colonists in eighteenth-century America in an online gaming environment).

Excerpt from: Klopfer E. Augmented Learning: Research and Design of Mobile Educational Games. The MIT Press, 2008. Kindle Edition (location 980 of 2961).

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Über Safak Korkut

Safak Korkut is a creative who is interested in the latest technologies, new communication concepts, and social media development. He is also a professional filmmaker, project developer and MSc co-mentor in FHNW IWI; as well, a researcher and a documentarist in FHNW IVK. Apart from this, he is Narrative and Interactive Visualization Specialist, Designer and Co-founder of YAAY which is located in Basel, Switzerland. YAAY is a devoted interdisciplinary team which is aiming to have an impact on today's visual communication.

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