Business is Like Candy Crush *

Candy Crush is filled with ups and downs, the need for wise investment, and lucky moments that can dramatically alter your outcome. This article will make no sense to anyone unfamiliar with the game; stop reading now if you don’t play Candy Crush; or play Candy Crush, and then revisit this post.

You Need to Grind, But Also Be Strategic and Have a Plan

You want to be strategic in playing Candy Crush. You can make little gains by taking out a row, or using a striped Candy, but if you are patient and can combine multiple striped candies you can destroy two rows at once. What’s more, if you work towards getting wrapped candies or color bombs, you can be working smart in addition to working hard. Aiming for the big wins like a color bomb are how you clear boards. You may need to grind a bit by taking out some rows to get special candies, but if you are not aiming for special candies you have no shot at clearing the harder levels. Candy Crush is about grinding it out towards big moves. It’s grinding and strategy.

Investing Capital

Buying moves and lollipops is like investing. You can buy lollipops and still fail to pass a level, spending and spending on special candies without marked improvement in your playing or progress. If your investments are not giving you leverage and allowing you to truly progress, you are just throwing good money after bad playing.

Buying lollipops on every level is not an effective long term strategy, but if you can use them selectively, you’re making good investment to accelerate your trajectory.

Know When to Admit Failures

As soon as you realize you don’t have enough moves left to clear a level, exit and start over. It’s a waste of your time to keep playing if you have 15 moves left and the board is covered with jelly and licorice. Just start over. There is no sense wasting time on a task when the outcome can’t be reached. Certain boards or projects need to be cut off.

Teamwork and Relationships

Always ask friends for moves and candies via Facebook and be generous to them. If you have a team of players that are sending moves and candies to each other, you are making the game easier for everyone.

Also to open new worlds in Candy Crush, you either need to spend money, do tasks, or ask your friends for help. Your friends, your colleagues/teammates in Candy Crush, can help you to conserve capital or labor just like in the real world.

It’s About the Journey

Ultimately Candy Crush like business gets progressively more challenging as you move up the levels, but also more satisfying. There may be an end to Candy Crush, but most of us will never get there. You have to enjoy the journey.

* Thanks to Jonah Peretti for the concept behind this post and some of the examples.


** This article is written by Jon Steinberg President and Chief Operating Officer at BuzzFeed and first appeared on (12.08.2013) 

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