Desert Bus: The most realistic verisimilitude reality game

I came to know the article on The New Yorker about the most interesting yet awkward video game of the history: Desert Bus – The worst video game ever created. The title sounds very hard although the game became a legend through its existence. Three hundred and sixty miles of simulated post-apocalyptic desert, and the endless struggle between man and nature personified.

desert bus


The New Jersey–based video-game developer Imagineering created Desert Bus as one component of a larger game collection, called Penn & Teller’s Smoke and Mirrors, for the Sega CD, a short-lived add-on for the Sega Genesis console. The game play is a real time drive from Las Vegas to Phoenix – an eight-hour-long and uneventful dessert drive with a bus that goes 90 km per hour. If the player can reach to the final destination, he is awarded with one point!

“The route between Las Vegas and Phoenix is long,” said Teller. “It’s a boring job that just goes on and on repetitiously, and your task is simply to remain conscious. That was one of the big keys—we would make no cheats about time, so people like the Attorney General could get a good idea of how valuable and worthwhile a game that just reflects reality would be.”

The purpose of this humorous and unpublished game is, as well, to draw attention to the violence in Video games. It is designed in 1995 but it never made to the stores as the production company went out of business. However, this didn’t prevent the Desert Bus to become a legend amongst the internet communities and even a charity organization. For 7 years, the Child’s Play organizes annual events of driving Desert Bus for charity. The collected more than a million dollars in their events and published iOS and Android games for 99 cents.

The article on The New Yorker is telling about the history of the game, how it got lost and rediscovered in 2005 and become a legend.

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