LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) method is a designed facilitation and workshop method for serious cases where participants build LEGO models in order to answer the questions stated by the facilitator. LSP deals with visual thinking and is a communication and problem-solving method for teams and individuals. Many extended research has been conducted in the fields of business and organizational development,
psychology and education (Frick et al., 2013).

According to Nolan’s description (2010), LSP “is a business development process where users build metaphorical models from LEGO bricks in order to explore and share their perceptions of various aspects of their working lives”. LSP is a facilitated workshop methodology that includes building metaphorical representations and storytelling exercises to foster communication, team building and problem-solving
skills for organizations and individuals. The aim of this process is to ensure engagement amongst all the participants and guide them to visualize their thoughts using LEGO bricks, and share and reflect on the results.

Safak Korkut is a certified LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitator since 2016 and conducts workshops in team building, communication and project development for companies, teams and focus groups, as well as in public events.