Digital change has already led to major upheaval in society and the economy. In a digitized, net-worked world, the amount of data and information keeps on increasing, creating opportunities and challenges for companies. Data and information are critical sources for companies and if used effectively can give a competitive edge. As the result, information management has become a strategic concern for companies. Thus, information management and information systems must be de-signed in such a way that corporate decisions based on information lead to success. This module exposes students to both theory and practice of information management. The effects of digital change on society and the economy will also be addressed.

-Explain and classify the concepts of information management
-Understand the inter-dependencies between ICT and business
-Describe the technical basics of information systems (hardware, software, and communication networks) as well as the fundamentals of their functionality
-Explain the difference between data, information and knowledge
-Describe the structure of databases and the requirements of operational data management
-Classify the different types of application systems and describe them using examples
-Differentiate the strategic and operational tasks in ICT management from the business perspective