(alphabetical order)

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Arno Jurkschat (in progress)

Benjamin Adriaensen (in progress)

Elias Buff, Exploring and developing use cases for Oculus Rift combined with gesture control systems within the health industry (Bachelor thesis)

Fabian Kalchofner, Using Augmented Reality and Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping for skiing activities (in progress)

Fabian Schaer, Using Virtual Reality to Enhance Exploratory Analysis of Categorized Financial Data

Gabriel Frey, Management Visualization in Virtual Reality: A New Dimension for Strategic Management Modelling

Markus Schaer, Enhancing Data Analytics in Virtual Reality using Physicalization

Mathias Sulger, Planning a Climbing Tour with Augmented Reality

Michelle Brennenstuhl, Using Voice Commands to Enhance the Navigation in Virtual Reality on a Smart Phone