Success factors of online learning videos

Authors: Prajakta Diwanji, Bindu Puthur Simon, Michael Märki, Safak Korkut, Rolf Dornberger

Videos have emerged as a dominant medium for educational purposes in many Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platforms. Online learning videos are visual components of the online learning platforms. They are particularly interesting for students who are visual learners and who learn best by watching the short format engaging videos rather than by just reading or listening to course materials. The paper focuses on the categorization of factors that are responsible for the success/popularity of online learning videos. The research is based on the literature review and video observations of the MOOC platforms, in particular of the Khan Academy and Coursera. In this paper, we propose a tabular and a spider graph as a condensed overview of categories that should commonly be utilized by the online learning video production to make them successful.

Keywords: Online learning videos, massive open online course, MOOC, video production, e-learning

Citation: Diwanji, P., Simon, B. P., Märki, M., Korkut, S., & Dornberger, R. (2014, November). Success factors of online learning videos. In Interactive mobile communication technologies and learning (imcl), 2014 international conference on (pp. 125-132). IEEE.