Visualizing Private Networks of Elderly People

The project ties in with visual network research and investigates the egocentric networks of older people. It was analyzed which different network constellations exist. In particular, the network size, the relationships, their quality, the geographical distance to the network members and existing resources of these networks were examined. New approaches for the visualization of egocentric networks were explored, which can help to derive new insights and develop concepts for supporting older people.

We developed new analog and digital network visualization approaches that support the research process and knowledge gain regarding the egocentric networks of older people and the demonstration of the resources available within them. The focus of the visualizations lies on the comparability of the multidimensional aspects of ego-centered networks of older people, which pursue the goal of enabling new interpretations and analysis possibilities in order to develop concepts for the support of older people.

Team: Janine J├Ąger, Safak Korkut, Manuela Schicka
Funding: Strategic Initiative "Ageing Society" of the FHNW in cooperation with the Institute for Integration and Participation HSA and the Institute for Information Systems HSW.