About to Eat # 2: Michael Fesca

Fermenting Time
Bake bread with sour dough
Lecture / Workshop

Friday, April 28, 2017 (dough and discourse)
Saturday, April 29, 2017 (bread baking and eating, ending)
FoodCultureLab, Oslo-Strasse 10, 4023 Basel

The conversion of organic substances by bacteria or fungal cultures in  fermentation, such as beer, sourdough bread, sauerkraut or cheese, caused by spontaneous contamination, could also be read as a metaphor of an inherently anarchic quality of deviation which calls into question a shaping supremacy. Rather a work of long hand with subliminal seething processes, a long-term process in the loop.
Nothing comes as close to us as our food. Its celebration, intensification or
Refinement, creates a beat of our feeling and moods, the self
timed enjoyment of the essentials of life. When does it meet us? What makes
any moment to a special one?
Depulsed and guided by the common baking of a bread, by eating, listening
and speaking in a sort of slow groove we want to see fermentation as
qualitative shift.

Michael Fesca composes installations, performances, texts and exhibitions on antihegemonial temporalities and their somatic dimensions. He is investigating
Phenomena of Cool Inflationary, Out-of-the-Clock-Coming, and (too-)long-needing. Projects: Groove as Episteme (Kunstuni Linz), Redemption Jokes (nGbK Berlin:
2015), FXPO! (Fondazione Forma Milano: 2015), Therapeutic Alliances (Kampnagel
Hamburg: 2014).