Designing Space & Time

This is the website of the student focus group "Interaktion" of the Visual Communication Institute (HGK FHNW) in Basel.

Recent years have been fruitful for the development of new interdisciplinary practices between design, new media technologies and art. We have seen the emergence of easy to use programming environments (e.g. Processing), open-source sharing concepts and platforms, easy to design electronics (e.g. Arduino), immersive sensorial and audio-visual systems (e.g. Kinect) and affordable rapid prototyping. Additionally, digital media technology has become interwoven in our daily experience and therefore is altering our sensation of the world through its inscribed politics and aesthetics.

Obviously this situation also brought up new interesting design practices on the fringe of public attention. In this focus group we are looking at fields such as Audiovisual Scenographies, Data Experiences and Design Narratives. These fields picked up the above mentioned developments and have matured to solid side strands of contemporary design that shift the emphasis to authorship and reflection.